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Travel and experience things are my melody, that’s what I live for! To fully enjoy the good of life is something that more people should focus on in this materialistic society, and what can be better a really good sex with himself or someone else? I hope my articles inspire readers into a more beautiful and freer life. Please write me an email if you want!

Have! Capy written, but I have to admit that I felt the slightly met in the paragraph about the profile text ..

Everything depends on what you are looking for tinder. Some girls may just use it as a pastime and don’t take it so much seriously. Why do you have to do it. It’s just fun to see who you match with and not. I don’t take it so seriously lol.

I respect your opinion, but I can’t say I agree with you. Tinder has a purpose and if you do not have the purpose that users destroy it for other users. Just as it is in the text there are other apps for people who do not want to find someone. One can drive time in other ways. It is already difficult for guys to find serious girls on tinder so why must it even more rogue? No, I agree with the author here. Remove the app if you do not intend to use it to what it is for.

It is quite frustrating for people (guys and girls) who actually take tinder seriously and want to find someone. Then you write to a person who then only takes everything in fun. It actually destroys a little for others and can be right so frustrating. And there is definitely better pastime. If you, Mimmi, have tinder because you think it’s fun to get matches, then there is definitely better pastime … You can read a good book, listen to music, write poems, watch series, out and walk, what knows I. Then you have at least done something instead of having been sitting inside and swipeat people all day on an app, as you still do not take seriously. Just a tip that can benefit both you and others.

Hahaha, courageously written. Was going to write guys also behave like boots on tinder but then I saw that you had born about it earlier .. Can agree with some pieces .. The bildtips was good

Hey! Just such a guy that you are looking for I straightforward and understand the girls a plus you can express yourself and spell.

Must say my interest is much smaller for the guys who have no presentation text at all, assume that it is the same in the other way. Otherwise, one is just a “Pretty Face” and nothing more, would like to know something about the person who can strengthen the first impression of the appearance. Rather unique than one in the crowd ..

Then maybe it depends on what you are looking for … If you just want to get off the clothes right away I guess it doesn’t matter how to be like person

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